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Plastic Sheeting, Shelter-In-Place

Plastic Sheeting, Shelter-In-Place

By: ER Emergency Ready



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ER™ Shelter-in-Place Sheeting is designed to be used in the process of sealing up a room as a temporary protective measure to create a barrier between you and potentially contaminated air outside. includes procedures, diagram, and instructions.

Plastic sheeting and duct tape are used to cover all openings in the room including all windows, air vents, and electrical outlets. It has been recommended by the Department of Homeland Security for fire, chemical, biological, and radiological disasters.

Why do you need to Shelter-in-Place?

It is possible that chemical, biological, or radiological contaminants may be released accidentally or intentionally into the environment. Should this occur, immediately follow the instructions included provided by local authorities.

Plastic sheeting offers protection from contaminated air, hazardous materials, bad weather, fire, and biological, chemical, and radiological terrorist attacks. Recommended to use with duct tape to seal doors, windows, and air vents.